Do I need insurance?

All riders must insure themselves fully and provide your cover. No insurance, no riding!

Do we rent bikes?

No, we feel that with the technical level of our trails it is important to be 100% at home on your bike.

Bikes on the plane:

Bike bags are a good idea but bike boxes are great! You can get them from your local bike shop and weigh less than a bag, so you can put more in! Pack your bike well.

Do we stock Spares? 

If you like to run tip top tyres, we stock them but feel free to bring your own preferred brand/model, with an expected 10 to 15 runs a day you’re going to need them along with Derailleur hangers for your brand of bike. We stock brake pads but it is a good idea to bring your brand.

What to wear?

If you’re riding in winter, the weather is good but we cannot guarantee every day will be dry, so wet weather gear is always a good idea just to be sure.

How much money will I need?

Portugal is relatively cheap, expect to spend no more than 10 euros on a restaurant meal. If you intend to do other activities in your spare time this is additional to the costs.

How much riding can I expect?

We aim to provide a minimum of 10 runs in a day and often achieve 15.

Can I fly to Lisbon?

Yes you can, if you are a group we provide a transfer that will be cheaper than a connecting flight to Faro.

Can learners come to ride?

Yes we do take riders who are not confident on gaps, doubles and technical features but there is an additional charge for 1 to 1 coaching.

Can I visit with my family?

Yes you can. The Algarve is a popular tourist destination, we can provide accommodation and services to suit your needs.